Au Petit Coin Breton Creperie in Quebec City

The streets of Quebec City were covered in slush. I skipped through sidewalks which played home to piles of soggy snow in search of one of the city’s most beloved brunch spots. I pulled back the door, my entrance marked by a sweet chime before spilling into Au Petit Coin Breton.

It appeared as though I was the first guest of the morning and once my waitress spotted me she jumped out of her chair and welcomed me with a big smile. Au Petit Coin Breton is Quebec City’s oldest and most adored creperie, originally opening its doors in 1963. Locals line up for their authentically executed Brittany-style pancakes which are served by staff in French period costume.

I’m seated by the window and before grabbing my menu take a quick glance across the room. I’m quickly inspired by the dining rooms old French decor which makes one feel perfectly cozy on a cold winters morn. As I suss out the menu a wee toddler dressed from head to toe in one-piece snow suit pops his head up from the sill and sticks his tongue out at me. The adult that I am, I feel the need to one up the little guy by pulling out my ears at each end and puffing out my cheeks like a monkey. His parents rush over to grab hold of him and plop him in a wooden toboggan. He quickly glances up at me with a care free smile before his father hauls him by a frayed red rope. And off he went, sliding through the slush.

I didn’t realize my waitress had been standing by my side silently watching the hallmark winter moment unfold. She broke the silence by offering up a warm wink and marched me through her favourite items on the menu. I opted for a trilogy of Brittany-inspired treats, celebrating a brand new day with a glass of crisp local cider.

The restaurants skilled crepe makers pop out of the kitchen to prepare each order at a wee theatre (read: grill top which looks out over the dining room). A perfect opportunity for the culinary curious keen to watch how their food is prepared. I start with a savoury crepe made of buckwheat batter (I’m told it’s the saltier variety) which is topped with two freshly cracked eggs, Swiss cheese, sliced ham and a dollop of bechamel before being wrapped together and plopped on a plate.

I simply can not believe I inhaled that crepe in under five minutes (my waitress eyes bulged and openly laughed at my obvious enthusiasm). The empty plate was snatched from under my chin and swapped with a sweet pancake finale. This time around I tried to slow down and savour each bite. Swooning for my sweet tooth the petite pancake arrived stuffed with sliced strawberries, slathering of maple butter and topped with creamy custard. Quebec City tastes like a dream darling.

The Feast:

Cindre du Minot

Savoury Buckwheat Crepe

egg, cheese, ham, bechamel

Sweet Crepe

strawberry. maple butter, custard

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