A 24 Hour Diner Feast Found at The Lakeview in Toronto

At the corner of Dundas and Ossington sits one of Toronto’s most iconic 24 hour diners. The Lakeview has been around for years but it was in the early 2000’s when new management took over to redesign the interior and menu. If you stop a West Ender on the street and ask about the restaurant they’re likely to recount decadent dinners, late night drunken 3am greasy feasts and the iconic yet painful morning-after hangover brunch.

It was a cold blizzard filled day when my cousin Chris and I ran into the spot to grab a bite to eat at the popular Ossington restaurant. We slurped a cold Pale Ale St. Ambroise while devouring a hearty pulled pork poutine featuring stringy cheese curd paired with perfectly cooked pork, slathered in a sweet BBQ sauce. We finished by splitting a corn flake fried chicken sandwich accompanied by the restaurants home made chilli which packed a serious meat filled punch. We joked about the fact that we had started eating pig, then moved to chicken and beef. A carnivores delight so vegans bite your tongues cause we had fun!

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