Travel to Hoi An, Vietnam

I will never forget Hoi An. It was a sweet and sour experience. This cute little town is famous for having hundreds of tailor  and shoe shops along with a plethora of colonial heritage buildings and ancient temples. I was excited to have a few suits made to fit (short stubby men rejoice!). You can have tailored suits made here for as little as 50 dollars a suit! I went to Yaly the most professional spot in town and had two suits made for 100 dollars each. Hoi An is also Vietnam’s food capital…with a plethora of local dishes and hawker stalls a plenty… there is never a dull moment (or one when you actually feel hungry).

The sour: I arrived on a night bus and realized I had been robbed. I went to the local jail to tell the police I had been robbed (to get a police report for insurance purposes) and was detained and treated very badly. Needless to say left me with an overall bad taste in my mouth!



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