Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

I was panting so profusely that it appeared to the naked eye that I’d just run a marathon, sweat dripping through my eyebrows as my face flushed pink. I had just successfully climbed what felt like a thousand stairs to arrive at the foot of Koh Samui’s iconic Big Buddha. Fellow tourists clung to the few slices of shade, silently mouthing the words “wow” while fanning their faces with the flip of their wrists. After sharing a moment of zen with smiling Buddha (read: sat in shade for 5 minutes, downed entire bottle of water, enjoyed a blissful moment of ocean’s breeze) I pranced back down the stairs, strapped on my helmut, straddled my motorcycle and hit the open road.

My sunglasses rattled over my ears as I embarked on an hour long road trip across Koh Samui. It was the early afternoon, when the temperature’s on the island reach their peak and I felt like I was driving through a bakers oven. I swerved around tuk tuk’s and paraded past chaotic road side markets while zooming along Koh Samui’s north shore. After a quick chug up a steep slope I hopped off my bike and let out a heroic “yipee!” before a smiling concierge chirped “Welcome to the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.”

I’d be spending the day sipping and nibbling my way through the resort’s dreamy culinary concepts, and after a jaw-rattling arrival what better way to calm the spirit then at a serene spa? The Secret Garden Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is nestled in a coconut grove and features five luxurious salas that offer total privacy for indoor and outdoor treatments.

The spa treatments and services are based on a fusion of techniques from Thai, Yogic and other Asian cultures using mother earth and the island as sources of inspiration. Popular spa rituals include the internal as well as external use of Thai herbal tonics and organic teas from the island. Massages, body scrubs and wraps, herbal steams, baths, head massages, foot and hand treatments as well as facials are offered in harmony with island traditions.

In the early afternoon, when you’re feeling a bit peckish, there’s no ritual I’d rather indulge than dainty High Tea. Loose leaf lovers prance onto the al fresco deck at KOH Thai Kitchen & Bar for the resort’s iconic offering, inspired by the island’s enchanting underwater world. A dramatic drift wood sculpture supports mushroom shaped coral ornaments where a muddling of classic British tea accompaniments (scones, dainty sandwiches) and distinctly Thai snacks (shrimp stuffed spring rolls, spicy chicken satay) offer a finger-licking-good edible art piece.

Saunter down to the beach and enjoy the sunset hour while tucked in at CocoRum Bar. The expert mixologists here offer a tutored tasting of four of their favourite rums from Trinidad, Guyana, Venezuala and Barbados, each paired with fresh tropical fruits. Sniff, swirl and sip Latin America’s finest in an attempt to coax out each of the golden liquids unique spice profiles.

After cooling off in the resort’s 50-metre infinity lap pool, plop down on a plush couch and ask the bartender to whip together a trilogy of orchid adorned craft cocktails. The rum-soaked menu features fresh interpretations with an emphasis on fine artisanal spirits. Highlights include tiki time Lion’s Tail and eye-bulging hibiscus and orgeat muddled Zombie.

Once the sun has found its sleep CocoRum illuminates the evening as lanterns flicker across the pool and coral inspired chandeliers blink from above. It’s perhaps no shock that Four Seasons (always the trendsetter) serves up creative Peruvian cuisine inspired by Lima’s world renowned fine dining restaurant renaissance. Grab a seat at the white marble topped bar and watch as your own personal chef whips together a perfectly balanced Latin American feast featuring hints of aji chilli, sweet corn, creamy avocado and chimichurri. You’ll be smacking your lips with surprise as you waddle your way home under Thailand’s romantic starry sky.

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