Best Buy Offers 10 Tips for Habitual Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Like every Canadian kid, each year when I got tucked into bed on Christmas Eve it was painfully challenging to fall asleep. After placing a glass of milk and a couple cookies by the fireplace for Santa I stared up at my ceiling, desperate to hear his sleigh slide across our roof. I’d wake up the following morning thrilled to open my gifts, which over the years included a ping pong table, GT snow racer, and Sony Walkman.

Now that I’m all grown up it seems the tables have turned as I now get the most satisfaction each Christmas watching my friends and family smile with enthusiasm after opening the gifts I’ve meticulously curated for them.

I prepare for Christmas months in advance, collecting gifts year round that I know will delight each of the special people in my life. In the Summer and Fall I prepare strawberry preserves and pickles which fit snug into a stocking decorated with a pretty bow. Throughout the year I collect trinkets on my travels: a collection of vintage Swiss postcards for dad, organic honey from Hawaii for my sister, and aromatic lavender candles from Charlevoix for mom. I leave bigger purchases such as appliances, tech and jewellery to the holiday season when great deals allow me to stretch my budget.

When it comes to writing my own wish list, I’m all about kitchen gadgets. I recently wandered through Best Buy and created a list of my top three must-have products for the season (which I hope Santa, or my parents have an opportunity to read before December 25th). If you’re a foodie like me you’ve likely heard a lot of buzz around the Instant Pot, a versatile pressure cooker that does the work of 9 kitchen appliances, saving a considerable amount of counter space for those living in a tiny apartment in the city. If you’ve got a sweetie looking to lavish you with one big ticket make sure it’s the Vitamix, the world’s best heavy duty blender which turn smoothies and soups into a velvety dream. If you’re a city-living horticulturalist the Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden allows you to monitor the healthy, growth, and life cycle of your plants…talk about impressive urban farming!

In the spirit of the holidays, Best Buy is making this year’s holiday shopping experience flawless and more memorable than ever by offering ten top tips for habitual last minute shoppers.

Have fun with it: Making your list and checking it twice can feel like a big feat, especially when you have so many special people in your life that you want to spoil this holiday. Start early so it’s stress-free, and make it a festive experience. Block off an evening, treat yourself to a Hot Toddy and invite a friend over to have a few laughs while you hunt for the perfect gifts. Some of the best ideas are discovered when you’re having fun, so make it merry!

Listen for clues: Most people won’t tell you what they want, so you’re often left guessing. The best way to discover clues is to listen closely and observe the things that they love. Your everyday conversations might give you inspiration and that lightbulb moment.

Put yourself in their shoes: Remember that the gifts they love aren’t always the ones you’d want. Everyone has different needs, personalities and preferences , so dig into that to find the right gift for them, not you.

Set a limit and stick to it: It’s easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for the people that mean the most. Set a total budget and break down how much you can spend on each individual before you begin shopping. This will act as a great guide as you search for that perfect gift and save you from breaking the bank this holiday. Don’t forget, some of the most affordable gifts can be the most thoughtful.

Go to a one-stop shop: Save time and discover great gifts by shopping at a store like Best Buy, which sells a wide variety of products, making it easy to check everyone off your holiday list all in one go. You’ll find everything from the latest and greatest tech, to children’s toys, home appliances, décor, and even fashion products.

Save time and shop online: The holiday season is a busy time of year and for those who can’t find time to head to stores, try shopping online from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks of a button, you’ll be able to browse and buy great gifts for everyone on your checklist. offers free shipping across Canada on orders over $35 and most products can be delivered to your door step within a week.

Take advantage of sales days: Get the best bang for your buck by finding the biggest deals – around this time of the year, there are plenty! Boxing Day (December 26) offers incredible savings for those who are OK to wait just one more day for the best gifts – for many families, this is a long – standing holiday tradition.

Do your research and buy the best: When you find the perfect gift, make sure it’s a quality product by doing your research and talking to the pros. Best Buy has Blue Shirt Elves instore and on stand buy this holiday to answer any questions about model types, unique features, and different makes. As experts in their field, they’ll give you confidence that the purchase you’re making is the best one.

Err on the side of caution: Even if you’re positive they’ll absolutely love your gift, stay on the safe side and get a gift receipt. It will give you peace o f mind knowing that they can return or exchange their gift for something that they truly want this holiday season.

Keep them guessing: There’s nothing more exciting than receiving an unexpected gift. Make sure you don’t reveal what the present is before the big day and throw them off by being clever with your wrapping. Try to use oversized boxes to hide the shape and size or fill the bottom with a few potatoes to give it weight. After all, guessing is half the fun , and the look of surprise and delight on their face when they unwrap their gift will make it worth the wait.