Toronto’s Favourite Pho Found at The Golden Turtle on Ossington

The Golden Turtle is Toronto’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant located on the hip Ossington strip just north of Queen Street West. The Southeast Asian Ossington restaurant packs a punch of authenticity throughout its lengthy pho-centric menu.

The owner tells me his family comes from Ho Chi Minh. His eyes bulged when I exclaimed, “I’ve been there! The food your family makes with such care is the most authentic I have experienced in Toronto.” He blushes with glee. I recalled my favourite Pho (pronounced “fa”) moments as I skipped through the beautiful colonial streets of Saigon’s Old Quarter and he couldn’t help but clasp his hands and exclaim, “Eat up sir! Eat up my soup!”

Highlights at Golden Turtle include crispy spring rolls, steaming bowl of beef pho and a cold noodle dish topped with spicy pork marinated in lemongrass and hot chili.



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