Flora Farms in Los Cabos

Flora Farms is a ten-acre organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo. The farm employs over 300 staff which help run Mexico’s finest farm to table experience. Flora Farms includes a 10 acre organic farm, 7 acre mango orchard and organic farm and a 150 acre ranch where free range chickens, pigs, rabbits and goats are raised.

I arrived just before the dinner hour and was offered a tour of the property which features a world class bakery, butchery, charcuterie aging room, pizzeria, restaurant, bar, 10 culinary cottages, spa, pool, extensive fruit and vegetable gardens, adorable farmers market as well as a collection of boutique shops featuring local soap producer, winemaker, jeweller and fashion boutique. Turtles loiter on the lawn while ice cream sandwiches are devoured in the sun by younglings. For those who find inspiration in culinary whimsy, welcome to Nirvana!


Best to start your meal here by hopping up on a stool at the Farm Bar for a cocktail where handsome bartender uses the farms fresh fruit and vegetable bounty to concoct thirst quenching sippers. Watermelon was in season during my visit so enjoyed a refreshing Bacardi spiked moment before tucking into a seat at Flora’s Field Kitchen’s al fresco dining room.

Everything you eat here is produced on site, a magical farm to table experience which begins with freshly baked sourdough produced by Jose the baker who stokes wood fired oven every morning at 4am to create the regions most celebrated bread. The menu changes with the seasons of course and dishes change with whimsy as new fruits bloom and porky pigs meet their delicious doom. A local musician spent the evening belting tunes from his saxophone under the twinkle of the Milky Way, marking a wildly romantic moment which had me chirping, “it seems as though you haven’t been to Cabo until you’ve slathered sweet ricotta, slurped herb tossed noodles and munched through crispy mustard flecked spatzle at Flora Farms!”


1) Farm Julep | watermelon water, basil, mint, bacardi rum


2) Fresh Ricotta | citrus, chili, herbs, radish, pickles


3) Lemon Chicken | chicken cutlet, lemon, white wine, herb mustard spatzle + Mexican Style Corn (lime, cilantro mayo, cotija cheese)


4) Capellini with Herbs | basil, mint, sorrel, majoram, thyme, sage, rosemary, garlic chips, olive oil fried egg


5) Mango Tart | lavender yogurt sorbet

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