Dulcinea Restaurant in Mexico City

My final feast in Mexico City would take place at yet another jaw dropping, open concept, horticulturally-lush restaurant…which now that I think of it, seems to be the de-facto concept interior at the capital’s trendiest eateries. Dulcinea is only one of several culinary concepts located in a heritage building in the city’s Roma hood, which way back when was originally a grand mansion.

Dulcinea is given the grandest space, a dinning room which sits under a sky of glass making one feel as though they are sitting al fresco, surrounded by dangling ferns as if strolling through a lush garden. As soon as I arrive I’m given a tour of the buildings other businesses which feature an Americana burger bar, loose leaf tea shop, petite coffee grinding cafe, Italian restaurant and a taco shop inspired by the unique offerings found on the beaches of Mexico’s southern coast.


Dulcinea is a family run affair, helmed by Chef Lucy and Fabian Acuna. Their menu showcases contemporary Mexican cuisine using only the freshest local and seasonal products. Fish is flown in daily while fruits and vegetables are served when ripe and ready. I figured it would be best to celebrate my final feast in Mexico City by double fisting a tequila spiked duo featuring spicy chili and cool cucumber. The meal was a memorable one, with crispy fish tacos, chicken slathered in fragrant mole, heartwarming Tortilla soup and radish and serrano adorned Aguachile making an appearance before being quickly devoured.


1) Pepino Tapiato | herradura tequila, cucumber, lemon juice, simple


2) Baja Taco | white fish, corn tortilla, pico de gallo, purple coleslaw


3) Pollo Organico | mole, criollos beans, banana, sesame


4) Tortilla Soup | oaxaca cheese, avocado, guajillo pepper


5) Agauchile | dorado fish, lemon juice, serrano peppers, salicornia

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