Sufra Restaurant in Amman

Sufra Restaurant made a big splash when it opened in late 2011 in a splendidly updated old mansion on Amman’s most happening street, formerly the residence of an Armenian family. Now, with its colourful patterned tile floors, chandeliers and tasteful new-but-looks-old version of informal chic, it absolutely looks right for its menu – a unique Jordanian take on Arabic cooking.


As well as the usual Lebanese mezze, expect to see a host of Jordanian, Palestinian and bedouin specialities, from the feast-dish mansaf to magloobeh, sayadiyyeh and musakhan.


1) Falafel


2) Kubbeh | fried balls of burghul and minced lamb, stuffed with minced meat, onion and pine seeds


3) Fattoush | watercress salad, roasted pita crisps, sumac dressing


4) Kufta Fukharart | minced meat with tahini sauce and potato


5) Sajeyet Jaj | chicken shreds, onion, pine nuts

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