The County Cider Company

I visited The County Cider Company during my Prince Edward County FORD Foodie Road Trip immediately following a tour and tasting at Fifth Town Cheese.

The County Cider Company  is a family-operated farm specializing in Brit style ciders. Carefully crafted from the best apples grown on the their farm and nearby orchards, their ciders are made with 100% pure apple juice. They grow over 15 varieties of apples which produce roughly 1,600 tonnes of apples each year. Among the varieties that they use to create their ciders are Bulmer’s Norman, Ida Red, Russets, Northern Spy, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin and Tremlett’s Bitter. These apples provide tannins and acidity—key ingredients when making quality cider.

We enjoyed our visit with great haste as they were hosting a wedding that afternoon and evening.

We sampled:

County Premium Cider

Waupoos Premum Cider

Prince Edward County Ice Cider

Feral Cider

Peach Cider

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