Talavera Restaurant at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve decided I have a new “thing.” My mantra of the moment, “arrive to my next destination and spend that first evening getting to know the space and place by sipping and nibbling my way through the Four Seasons.”

In the last year I’ve indulged in decadent Four Seasons feasts at the luxury hotel brands Toronto, Bora Bora, Maldives, Dublin and Istanbul properties, always delighted to rest and relax amongst the creme de la creme. The brand has perfected the customer service experience, consistently offering up an inspiring ambiance which pairs perfectly with the best bites in town. To begin an adventure at the Four Seasons sets the bar higher than the rainbow, guaranteed to feel seduced and enchanted by your new home sweet home.

I twiddled my thumbs, twisting and turning in my fancy leather seat as the chauffeur of a flashy white SUV raced along the highway bound for North Scottsdale. Moments later I found myself skipping through the Four Seasons Scottsdale’s 1.7 million sq ft property which is set on the site of the former Crescent Moon Ranch, a finishing school for wealthy debutantes operated by a member of the Kellogg family.

Arizona’s only Four Seasons Hotel offers a cool contemporary southwestern aesthetic with colours inspired by the Sonoran Desert in full bloom. The resort layout is expansive but feels intimate as I stroll along a winding path encountering lush cactus garden and a family of wild bunnies. The backdrop to the pool is a jaw dropping view of the mountains which at sunset ignite with warm hues of yellow, crimson and pretty pink.

After enjoying a wee stroll through Four Seasons picture perfect desert I hopped up on a stool at Onyx Bar where my bubbly bartender suggested a few of her favourite thirst quenchers. While I’m not one to typically champion “that double fisting move” (I’m a gentleman and moderation is a sexy quality) my arm had been properly twisted, a sweet sounding lament. I insisted I start with an authentic taste of place, quickly wowed by Prickly Pear Margarita, a tequila meets cactus romantic muddling.

After indulging in my last sip I sauntered into Talavera, a stunning fine dinning room featuring saloon chandeliers and roll away wine bottle adorned cart. Talavera’s most sought after seats can be found on its sun-soaked patio which offers jaw dropping views of the surrounding mountains.

Moments after I’m seated I find myself slathering fresh-out-of-the-oven poppy seed dinner rolls served in a cast iron skillet with red hawaiian sea salt topped whipped butter. I take a moment to pause and appreciate Chef Meliton Mecinas Americana steakhouse meets Mexican inspired dishes, running my fingers down the menu trying to whittle down to what I’m craving.

For the next two hours I clapped my hands with glee as a parade of plates floated out of the kitchen and steamed under my ecstatic nose. I was perfectly peckish while nibbling through iceberg wedge salad, enthused for creamy avocado, smoky blue cheese and crispy bacon. The carpaccio was a revelation, its white flecked marbled beef was swoon-worthy, accompanied by nutty parmesan, tart caper berries and oozing 7 minute fried egg.

I have a heart for simple dishes that blow you away and the kitchens perfected spring sweet pea risotto had me licking my bowl clean. I didn’t really start to feel full until I stared down at my bacon wrapped Buffalo tenderloin which had a few roasted carrots and radishes bowing around the plate as if a royalty requirement. I’m going on and on about how delicious everything was but even I was alarmed that the final savoury splash offered another reason to whisper “oh my god.” Mexican jumbo prawns (already sold on it) sat perched over a creamy lemon-caper butter which I quickly showered with a spritz of scorched lemon.

At this point I’m fully bloated, snatching my fork and spoon with chubby, swollen fingers as I attempt to make a sweet finish finale on the verge of “healthy decisions.” And so it was that a perfectly fluffy lemon cheesecake entered my eager mouth, adorned with vitamin riddled strawberries, protein enriched pine nuts and boozy (that’s a nutrient, don’t argue with me on this) elderflower spiked St Germain.

The Feast:

Peaches & Herb

peach-infused vodka, aperol, passion fruit, lavender

Prickly Pear Margarita

partida blanco tequila, prickly pear nectar

San Tan Hefeweizen

Iceberg Wedge Salad

avocado, blue cheese, lump crab, nueske’s’ bacon

Beef Carpaccio

parmesan, caper berries, 7 minute fried egg, crab

Spring Sweet Pea Risotto

roasted cherry tomato, morel mushrooms, crispy kale

Buffalo Tenderloin

bacon, roasted carrots, ancho-tomatillo sauce

Mexican Jumbo Prawns

grilled lemon, chile, lemon-caper butter

Lemon Cheesecake

marinated strawberries, pine nuts, st germain

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