Japanese at Sushi Inn in Toronto’s Yorkville

It was New Years Day 2012 and we both looked haggard. Dancing until 4am, the first day of 2012 had us looking a bit sedated. Jonathan has been working in Yorkville for some time and had been telling me about this famous little sushi restaurant that we had to visit.

Sushi Inn in Yorkville was the perfect spot to enjoy my first restaurant of the year. The staff at Sushi Inn must have thought I was trying to drown myself in water over the course of our meal. Service was traditional Japanese, observant and ready before you even opened your mouth or gestured for assistance.

The Sushi Inn space is cutesy and an ideal for a date. We loitered over our food and spent the remainder of the afternoon shuffling along Bloor Street with glassy eyes. Filled with hopes for a refreshing year excessive success and pushing boundaries. Comfort zones be damned! When I finally got home I had the most indulgent nap of my entire life. Sushi feasts and all-night-dance parties are sure fire inducers of delightful dreams.

Agadashi Tofu

Oyako Don

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