Review: Starving Artist Waffle Espresso Bar, Toronto

Starving Artist is a hipster restaurant chain in Toronto for the waffle obsessed brunch lover. The owners also throw dance parties and art installations in the eve. The menu had me giddy with excitement with the central theme of “we love waffles.” The chef has turned the traditional waffle into a versatile element of each of the restaurants offerings.

Traditional sweet waffle options are topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit and ice cream. For lunch and dinner savory waffles are used as bread in traditional sandwich recipes. Brunch items include potato waffles (amazing eggs benny option) as well as bacon waffles (bacon is fried in the waffle iron and topped with waffle batter….crisps right up). Amazables. It’s the sort of menu where you have to make one choice when you’d rather just have one of everything. I shall definitely return to plough through this menu. Waffle love!

I recently visited this little cafe again! This time not at brunch but around midnight for a can of Strongbow Cider. I was with friends for a co workers birthday and was so excited when someone ordered a savory waffle at such a late hour in the evening!

Vanilla almond latte

Monte Cristo: roasted ham, mozzarella sandwiched in french toast waffles with baked beans

Sammy Benny: Mini Waffles, poached eggs, atlantic salmon and hollandaise sauce

Potato waffle with bacon, sour cream and cheddar cheese

#100 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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