Sansotei Ramen at Dundas Square in Toronto

Ramen shops are opening across the city with a cult like following yammering on… “so and so has the best noodles but over there they have the best broth, oh and the pork at that place over there is far superior.” The entire bowl has been dismantled, deconstructed and judged by a cult like following.

Thus far I’ve explored Kinton, Ajisen, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Konichiwa and Santouka. My to do list included Sansotei on Dundas so this week when I confirmed a date with the PR team at The AGO to shoot their current exhibitions I made sure to drop by for a late lunch. I was joined by my friend Rodney who recently moved to the city from Brisbane Australia. It was his first visit to the AGO and with the cold and overcast December weather we were experiencing, ramen was the perfect therapy for our body and soul.

I arrived at this new hole in the wall restaurant shortly before 2pm and was not shocked to encounter a line down the street. Members of the Toronto Ramen cult are all too willing to stand in line patiently for their restorative broth fix. Once inside I sat on a comfy bench and watched as patrons smiled with noodles dangling from their chins.

We shared a plate of piping hot gyoza and then dug into our two hot bowls. Rodney ordered the restaurants signature Tonkotsu Ramen which he raved about. I wanted to explore something new so ordered their soya sauce flavoured ramen which I learned I am not a huge fan of. I was also underwhelmed by the pork belly in my bowl as it featured a sliver of meat surrounded by a slab of fat. Seems like the ramen game is a bit hit or miss.

We enjoyed:


Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

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