Restaurant Pelmenya in Saint Petersburg

My first meal in Saint Petersburg Russia was at the newly opened Restaurant Pelmenya. I remember feeling totally exhausted as I had been up since 4am and spent my first day eagerly soaking up the city. I was joined by Olnev and his girlfriend at a high top where we quite literally ate the entire menu. Pelmenya specializes in showcasing the breadth of Russian dumpling culture which is deeply rooted in its interaction with neighboring countries. After a long travel day all my body wanted was the comfort of plump dumplings and bitter beer. Perfectly paired with endless bowls of thick sour cream. Hit the spot!

We enjoyed:

Russian Pelmeni

pork, beef and chicken mince

Georgian Khinkali

green onions, garlic, beef, porn and mutton

Turkish Manti

spiced lamb with pumpkin

Ukranian Varenyky

mashed potato and mushrooms

Japanese Gyoza

pork with soya and picked ginger

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