Restaurant Lux in Stockholm

My final meal in Stockholm was at 1 Michelin Star Restaurant Lux. I hopped on a bus with Anton bound for the wee island of Lilla Essingen. Lux is tucked away from the main road and located in a quiet little nook overlooking the water (with a beautiful patio too!) Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a beaming blond haired blue eyed hostess just to the right of the restaurant bar. We quickly walked through the dinning room where I noticed all of the servers were blond haired and blue eyed as well. My final Swedish meal was turning out to be top drawer!

Moments after we were seated a lovely gentleman wheeled a champagne cart to our table offering us a glass from six bottles. Anton and I clinked our flutes while I joked that he may have to marry me by the end of the night as this was getting far too romantic for the simplicity of friendship. Our champagne were paired with a duo of caviar cream cones which popped in our mouths with one crunchy bite.

Highlights of the meal included salmon which pickled at the table, the seasons first asparagus which hugged a light tempura, smoked Reindeer beautifully presented with pickled shiitake, a stunning fir tree smoked lamb with velvety gravy and a memorable tartness from caramelized rhubarb paired with cream of lemon. We finished off our meal by sipping a cup of espresso and pot of tea while nibbling on pralines. Lux creates a perfect dining experience using local ingredients, well seasoned service and dishes which arrive at the table and force you to crack a smile.

We enjoyed:

Champagne Duo served with Caviar Cream Cones

josmeyer les pierrets, Alsace France 2008

benoit delome cote chalannoaise, Bourgogne France 2009

robert and bernard plageoles muscadelle, Gaillac France 2010

sottimano nebbioli, Langhe Italy 2009

m&s ogier d’ampuis saint joseph, Rhone France 2008


Pike Perch from Angso

butter fried nettle sprouts, kalix caviar, ugglarp rhubarb and garden salad

Birch Smoked Reindeer from Overtornea

wild spring leaves, pickled shiitake, cress cream and fried matsutake

Fir Tree Smoked Lamb from Varmdo

boiled artichoke, crispy garlic chips and lamb gravy

Crisp Fried Small Spring Chicken from Hagby Farm

salted marrow of oxen, fagersjo ramson and horseradish

Red Wine Simmered and Caramelized Rhubarb from Stenhuse Farm

cream of lemon, mint sorbet and oat crisp

Sorbet of Garden Sea Buckthorn

warm apple puree, mille feuille, chocolate cream and salted lavender

Chocolate Praline

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