Review: Pho Hung, Toronto

At 350 Spadina Avenue sits Toronto’s landmark Vietnamese restaurant Pho Hung. Located in the heart of the cities bustling China Town this restaurant has been nourishing soup lovers for years. This eatery is usually packed and tonight was no exception. I met with an old friend Jeff who I lived with in Guayaquil Ecuador a few years ago. We rambled on about our busy lives while slurping beef brisket pho. We also munched on shrimp and pork spring rolls which I liberally dipped in sweet hoisen.

The restaurant offers quick service and staff speak decent English so they can aid you through the menu with any questions you might have. We ordered an extra large bowl to share with the intention of taking the leftovers home. I was disheartened when our waitress brought us our cheque and informed me that I was not allowed to take the remaining pho home in a take out box. She simply said, “my boss’s rule.” L-A-M-E. After spilling half of the remaining broth across the table in protest I mulled over the situation. I hate wasting food and felt bad as I knew they would be throwing it in the garbage. You have now been warned of Pho Hung’s annoying takeout policy. I’m not in any rush to run back. Their “no soup for you” policy left a bad taste in my mouth (the taste of offal). I’ll opt for Golden Turtle north of Queen on Ossington next time I find myself craving.


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  1. My dear Andrew,

    Rule #1: No one shares pho. Do you eat from the same bowl? That’s a bit awkward, and kind of making out with the person you’re sharing with.

    Rule #2: No one takes pho home. You’ll be spilling all the soup everywhere and the noddles will get all soggy.

    with love, Shingo