Olde Hansa Restaurant in Tallinn

My final dinner in Tallinn was at the Medieval themed Olde Hansa located right in the heart of Old Town. The restaurant was established to honour the Hanseatic League and has dedicated itself to take its guests on a journey to Tallinn’s golden Medieval age. Imagine a Medieval Times experience minus the horses and with much better food. Most tourists visit Olde Hansa for its entertaining ambiance and unique food and drink.

The Menu at first glance quickly takes you back in time…

Olde Hansa is the home of a rich merchant. His house is built in a manner to increase the enjoyment of the happy moments in the life of a Hanseatic merchant. Not just for eating delicious food and savoring good drink, but also for the enjoyment of good music and the warmth of hearth and home.

I was fascinated by the menu as it is based on old Medieval cookbooks. I started off with a glass of Regis Rot (herbed red wine) followed by a large goblet of dark honey beer. The restaurants signature loaf is served with an herbed fresh cheese which reminded me a lot of Boursin (a personal favorite). Three musicians played Medieval melodies on flute, recorder and drum on a perch overlooking the dining room.

The restaurants waitstaff are dressed as if right out of Robin Hood and maintain a persona in line with the history of the place. When my soup arrived I was told to just drink it out of the bowl without a spoon. I was advised that my goblet was adorned with nubs of glass: “because way back when your hands would be so greasy from eating without utensils that the nubs gave you something to grip on to so greasy pork fat fingers didn’t allow precious mulled wine to slip through.”

The Reval’s Plate is a great starter as it showcases several Medieval treats for those who love to sample. The pork leg arrives on the table with “ohh’s and ahhh’s” as it is truly massive. The dish is paired with an interesting combination of smoked sauerkraut, preserved bitter forest berries, pickles, saffron spelt and horseradish cream. If you are spending any time in Tallinn be sure to pop by Olde Hansa for a grand feast or even a quick bite midday on their sprawling cobblestone patio.

I feasted on:

Olde Hansa Vinum Anrum Regis Rot

herb red wine

Dark Honey Beer


Almond and Herb Loaf

fresh herb cheese

Earls Forest Mushroom Soup

Reval’s Plate

juniper beef, orange tongue jelly, french royal live pate, onion jam, quail eggs, fresh cheese, herb nut loaf

Divine Leg of Pork

beer syrup, smoked sauerkraut, sour forrest berries, pickles, saffron spelt, horseradish cream

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