Sushi at Koko Share Bar in Yorkville

My ongoing search for exceptional Korean food in Toronto continues! I recently had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with my mother in Yorkville at Koko Share Bar. The spot had been on my mind for almost a year so when mommie dearest advised me that she would be in the hood for a haircut around the lunch hour I had the opportunity to cross another restaurant off my to do list.

I arrived to an empty Yorkville restaurant at 12 noon and chose the large-ish table by the window. In no less than twenty minutes the entire restaurant had filled to the brim. Clearly a popular lunch spot which I assume is attributed to their exceptional lunch menu which offers a long list of wallet friendly offerings. Mum arrived with a new doo and we spent the next hour or so devouring with the clitter clatter of chopsticks.

Koko Share Bar offers a more upscale Korean dining experience than the cities much loved mom and pop shops like Tofu Village and Korea House. Koko’s menu offers a number of Korean specialties as well as a homage to Japanese sushi. Mum and I both commented on how fresh all the food tasted. All to often Toronto’s “bargain” Japanese and Korean establishments cut corners to please the cheap eats crowd. Koko Share Bar celebrates East Asian cuisine with no compromise to quality or quantity. So dig in.

We enjoyed:

Miso Soup Cups

Ginger Dressed Salad

California and Dynamite Rolls

Beef Bulgogi

Tofu and Egg Bibimbap

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