Kiki’s Taverna in Mykonos

Agio Sostis is one of the few unspoiled beaches left on the isle of Mykonos. You will not find umbrellas, sun beds, fancy cocktails or thumping DJ beats here. Located on the north side of the island, a visit to Agio Sostis is not just essential for tan fans but culinary aficionados as well. Folks enjoying a road trip around the islands windy shores arrive on the daily in droves to enjoy an authentic taste of Mykonos.

Perched above the beach, Kiki’s Taverna offers stunning views and a simple menu which focusses on freshly made salads and fired up BBQ. The sea is bright blue and splashes into the sky making one feel as though the horizon is never ending.

I watch as visitors first step into the restaurants petite courtyard and can’t help but smirk at their wide eyed wonder and joy. A long line snakes towards the beach, hungry tummies waiting patiently for a meal they have been told will be unforgettable. The tiny space features only a few tables which are scattered around a large tree whose branches mix and mingle above offering much needed shade on a sunny day.

A cool breeze whisked its way through my hair, we clinked glasses and sipped on cool, fruit forward vino. Kiki’s is perhaps best known for having no access to electricity which is a big part of its charm and cheer. The BBQ is at the heart of the operation, located at the restaurants entrance. Folks waiting in line to be seated poke their noses in, licking their chops as they witness the bubble and squeak of fantastical fat.

Each day the ladies in the kitchen prepare a smorgasbord of rustic-chic salads which arrive at the table on artfully mismatched crockery. Smokey BBQ dances through the air as the sweet smell of coconut scented suntan lotion reminds one that a cool dip in the ocean is only but a few steps away.

I enjoyed a trilogy of bbq that afternoon and after slicing through an epic pork chop, smokey butterfly chicken and grilled slab of creamy feta I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and enjoyed a quiet pause in paradise.

The Feast:

bean and tomato salad

corn and cucumber salad


chicken curry pasta salad

grilled feta

grilled pork chop

sun-dried tomato and feta stuffed chicken supreme

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