Kattila at Linnanmaki in Helsinki

I visited Kattila at Linnanmaki Amusement Park for lunch during my culinary tour of Helsinki with Chef Tomi.

Kattila consists of six kitchens featuring menus from the cities top chefs who have a total of four Michelin stars between them. Kuula is a contemporary meatball bar, Coccola serves Mediterranean and Italian delicacies, Ilona offers high-quality Finnish food, Sushibar + Wine combines Scandinavian design, sushi and organic wine, Hans Välimäki brings you a North American restaurant concept, and Caruzello upstairs serves a modern European family buffet.

Tomi and I sat down at a table with Suski who manages Caruzello. We spent the next hour or so enjoying samples from each of the Kattila concepts. I couldn’t help but smile when I found out that meatball bar Kuula’s Michelin star chef Tommi Tuominen, actually works at Kuula as a waiter at the moment. I had an opportunity to shake his hand after lunch and thought the idea of one of Europe’s top restaurants serving meatballs in a nouveau amusement park dining concept was fantastic. It really says a lot about Finnish culture: a distinct humbleness and passion for innovation and food. I do think it is safe to say that with the arrival of Kattila, Helsiniki’s Linnanmaki offers the highest quality dining experience at any theme park, the world over. Forget about hotdogs, pizzas slices and cotton candy. A new culinary landscape is alive and well, it sits between the Ferris Wheel and Haunted House.

We enjoyed:

Castellblanch Cava

La Montesa Rioja

Classic Meatballs from Kuula

Antipasto from Coccola

Sashimi Platter from Sushibar + Wine

Reindeer with Potato Dauphinoise and Mushroom Cream from Ilona

Creme Brulee and Mud Cake at Caruzello

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