Juuri Restaurant in Helsinki

I visited Juuri for dinner after my first full day touring Helsinki. I had spent the day hopping around town on a culinary tour hosted by Chef Tomi. I had eaten an outrageous amount of food that day and only had about an hour to shower and change between my next restaurant reservation. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that Juuri specializes in small plates, a perfect predicament for someone overfed and keen on just dabbling here and there.

The restaurant specializes in serving Sapas, an authentically Finnish hors d’oeuvre, handmade according to Finnish culinary traditions. In the Juuri kitchen they transform Finnish gifts of nature in an innovative manner to suit modern tastes.

During my four days in Finland whenever I mentioned to any of the locals that I ate at Juuri their faces would instantly relax and lips would form into a cunning grin. This is one of the top restaurants in the city and most certainly should be on any foodies culinary agenda. The restaurant is small so it really is essential that you book a table in advance. Juuri’s cocktail and wine list was fun to whiz through and offered up creative options for my Sapas pairings.

A few minutes after my waitress took my order Finnish Tapas started flying onto the table. I gently bit into a bright red beet which juiced down my chin. I chased it quickly with a whisper of the accompanying chevre. Fried organic peasticks were a revelation served with fresh marjoram mayonnaise. Pork glaze with sweet carrot and pickled cauliflower was a delight. The sausage and duck were perfectly cooked and lasted just moments on the plate. A final sweet conclusion featuring frothy latte and chocolate cranberry and almond cake decorated with local wild flowers created an unforgettable impression.

I enjoyed:

Vadelina Cocktail

havana club anejo rum, raspberry puree, fresh mint, lime juice, cranberry sparkling

Chablis “Les Trufieres” Jean Collet and Fils, Bourgogne France

Organic Pork Glaze

pickled cauliflower and carrot sauce

Fresh Sausage

vodka mustard

Pastrami Duck

cucumber mustard salad

Marinated Beetroot

chevre from Saloniemi and dill bread

Fried Organic Pea Sticks

marjoram mayonnaise

Almond Cranberry Chocolate Cake

milk chocolate sauce and cranberry foam

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