Kinka Izakaya on Bloor Street

My famous cake baking friend Greggy from TLC’s Cake Boss, flew to Toronto from his native LA to do a cake demo at the Canadian Baking and Sweets Show last weekend.

We spent one evening feasting on Japanese at Kinka Izakaya on Bloor. It’s the sister property to the OG Kinka Izakaya on Church Street. The menu at both Kinka Izakaya’s in Toronto are similar so I made sure to order only new dishes…expanding my Kinka repertoire.

As always the ambiance and energy is why we all like to visit Kinka. Greggy loved the jovial atmosphere and threw up his peace signs at every possible moment during our meal. Favourite by far this time around was the Carbonara Udon which you simply must try when you visit (served at both locations). A quirky take on the Italian classic and sprinkled with shredded seaweed. Greggy was so in love that he slurped every last drop off his plate. When it tastes that delicious, just roll with it.

We enjoyed:



Gyu Carpaccio


BBQ Pork

Carbonara Udon

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