Enver’s Restaurant in Guelph

My first dinner in Guelph was at Envers of Morriston located just outside of the city. It was a warm Friday evening but I wore a cardigan with wooden buttons in case I encountered a chill. As soon as I arrived I was whisked over to a table where my dining companion Matthew sat with a glass of prosecco keeping him company. I would be spending the next two days adventuring around Guelph with Matthew who actually grew up just down the road in Puslinch. Envers is a petite little place, a perfect spot to enjoy an intimate dining experience. The walls are covered in art and large windows allow you to gaze out onto the street as families skip by with their children.

I needed to catch up with Matthew so as his bubbles burst into the early evening air I opted to sample the Sour Weasle: a delightful blend of gin, sparkling wine and citrus. Envers does an excellent job at showcasing continental flavours using local ingredients. Highlights on the savoury side included local quail and rabbit. Matthew exclaimed how delighted he was by the sweets: the peach streusel cake was perfectly moist while the chocolate ganache coconut custard tart reminded us of the pleasantries of the Nanimo Bar.

We enjoyed:


Sour Weasle

gin, sparkling, grapefruit juice, lime and lemon

Deerfield’s Mixed Greens

watermelon, Montforte feta cheese, cracked pepper, mint vinaigrette

Tandoori Grilled Giant Prawns

peach salsa over Calcutta style puffed rice, fried chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, herbs

Maple Bacon and Onion Glazed Chassagne Farm Quail

wild rice, baby arugula, wild berry sauce

Bacon Wrapped Rabbit Loin

pan fried rabbit rillettes, caramelized eggplant confit, spicy garlic kale and thyme jus

Penne with House Smoked Guanciale

tomatoes, olive oil, white wine, chili flake, arugula, parmesan

Ontario Peach Streusel Cake

vanilla creme anglaise, wild blueberries

Chocolate Ganache Coconut Custard Tart

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