Review: Ed’s Real Scoop, Toronto

Last night I truly gorged on the highest calorie meal I think I could possibly muster. I hopped in a car with my friend Attit and we drove out to Toronto’s Beaches hood in the East End and licked our chops in preparation for a proper binge. We started at the cities newest favourite Burger joint, The Burgers Priest and finished at Ed’s Real Scoop, ranked as one of Toronto’s best ice cream shops.

After finishing up our burger marathon we drove down the street to Ed’s Real Scoop. I smirked as we arrived because we were greeted by yet another business with a long line out the front door.  There really is nothing better than eating at two places in one night that are doing so well and jam packed with satisfied customers (read: fat people). There was a cute little girl standing at the front window eagerly making the shops home made waffle cones. We both ordered two large waffle cones (which gets you four scoops of ice cream).

I ordered:

Maple Walnut

Caramel Nutbar Crunch

Apple Pie

Caramel Cheesecake

After devouring yet another calorie bomb we hopped back in the car and drove back downtown. I think I nearly fainted from pure enjoyment. The smell of burger juice lingered on my finger tips and ice cream drippings were quickly licked off my fore arms. Perfect Night.

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