Review: Edinborg, Westfjords

On my second night in Westfjords I enjoyed dinner at Edinborg. The restaurant had literally just opened so the only menu they had available was in Icelandic. Gustaf joined me with his wife and helped me figure out what my options were. Edinborg has a welcoming little lounge at the entrance with a high top bar and long corridor filled with tables. Vibrant paintings made by a local artist hang from the walls throughout. The chef came out to chat during our meal. A big guy with a heart of gold and a smile like a teddy bear he seemed very excited to launch this new concept for locals year round and tourists during the high season (which was fast approaching).

The meal started with a rye bread basket and minced olive tapenade. Gustaf and his wife enjoyed the seafood centric dishes while I opted to fulfill a beef craving. The most interesting aspect of the menu was actually the fact that their steak is available “two ways”: French or British. The chef intentionally offers these two takes on steak as they directly relate to the areas early history. The French option with compound herb butter was an influence seen in the South where French traders were most active. The British option with fried onions was a custom learned from interaction with British traders in the North. I sat with my chin resting on my clenched fist and smiled at the notion of a history lesson sitting on top of my steak. I opted for the French for no reason other than my love for soft butter.

We enjoyed:

Swedish Somersby Cider

Shrimp Cocktail

Lobster and Shrimp Salad

red onions, feta cheese, pecans

Seafood Pan

catch of the day with vegetables and potato

South Fjord French Steak

herb butter

Caviar Bowl

capers, red onions, raw egg

Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake

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