Review: Country Style Hungarian Restaurant, Toronto

Toronto’s very best Schnitzel can be found at this quaint and tacky little Hungarian restaurant just east of Bloor and Bathurst. I met up with my friend Mel and we both quickly admitted upon arrival that we were starving. Hungarians are notorious for eating large portions and I felt this home style cooking would hit the spot.

Sitting down we giggled at the restaurants wood panelling, vinyl chairs, lanterns in place of windows and a sea of red and white gingham table covers. Mel ordered a huge Chicken Schnitzel with dumplings (also known as spatzle or German Noodles). This massive thin breaded chicken cutlet was salty and crispy and made us giddy in our chairs! I ordered a Veal Paprikash stew with spatzle and topped it off with a few scoops of full fat sour cream. We were also served a loaf of bread with butter and a dish of pickled beets and cucumbers.

Left overs were wrapped up and taken home and I can confirm that they provided an incredibly satisfying morning after cold breakfast.

#86 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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