Chedi Restaurant in Tallinn

My final restaurant review in Tallinn was lunch at Chedi. I was joined at the table by the restaurants owner as well as Tiina the Marketing Manager at Tallinn Tourism Board. In 2011 Chedi was awarded 1st Place in the “50 Best Restaurants of Estonia Awards.” When I learned that a kitchen serving up Asian cuisine in the heart of the Baltics was being lauded for its menu I made sure it was on my itinerary.

The restaurant features a stunning dining room adorned with Asian accents such as lotus leaf and pensive Buddha. The owner ensured we had the very best on the menu. Soft-shell crab sat in a crispy rice cone while sweet and sticky Pork Ribs were adorned with pomegranate seeds. The duck salad is a revelation and the restaurants signature dish. Pi Pa duck and Back Pepper Ribeye lasted only a few minutes on the plate.

Over the course of our meal we chatted about Tallinn’s evolving culinary landscape. My fantastic meal at Chedi was a perfect example of how the Baltic region is flourishing. In just a  few years Estonia has found independence from Russian rule, created its own unique regional cuisine at restaurants such as Neh and MEKK and now one of its top restaurants has been rewarded for celebrating the unique flavours of the Far East.

We enjoyed:

Fried Soft Shell Crab

red chili and curry leaf

Jasmine Tea Smoked Pork Ribs

mango and pomegranate

Crispy Duck Salad

pomelo, pine nuts and shallot

Pi Pa Duck

Stir-fry Black Pepper Rib-Eye beef with Merlot

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