Brunch at Duke’s Refresher in Toronto

It was a warm and drizzly Saturday morning when I strolled down Yonge Street in search of Toronto’s epic Aura skyscraper. At 78 floors high it is Canada’s tallest residential building and once complete will be a hub for those in the city core. The building is currently home to Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness, Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshall’s and a trilogy of dining options from Sir Corp (the team who brought us Jack Astors) which include culinary experiences on the buildings main floor via Reds Wine Tavern, Scaddabush and Duke’s Refresher.

Stepping into Duke’s Refresher I’m reminded of The Loose Moose (also owned and operated by Sir Corp) as the space features quirky interior embellishments, loud music and a lengthy bar top decked out with a plethora of flatscreens.

I slouched into a chair and rubbed my eyes before quickly ordering a cup of coffee. I was “accidentally hungover,” that morning. You know the unplanned sort of Friday night that just creeps up on you. The restaurants petite brunch offering packs a punch. Dubbed The Morning Slam, I did my best to tackle three heaping plates while slowly waking up to the world.

Fans of the savoury side of life will enjoy the Buffalo Chicken Hash featuring blue cheese, poached eggs, buffalo butter hollandaise and spicy bbq chicken wings. The vegetarian friendly tostada duo packs a protein punch: spicy bean, sharp cheese and oozing egg. Sweet teeth should finish off the meal by sharing the Shameless Waffle, a jaw dropping double decker “situation” featuring blueberry whipped cream and a mountain of fresh berries.

The Morning Slam:

Buffalo Chicken Hash

chicken and yukon potato hash with red peppers, red onion, blue cheese, 2 poached eggs, buffalo butter hollandaise, hot wings, celery and carrot

Vegetarian Breakfast Tostadas

yellow corn tortilla, spicy refried black beans, melted cheese, corn, 2 eggs, cojita cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, Little Bitchin’ Green salad

Shameless Waffle

2 malty waffles, fresh berries, blueberry whipped cream, almonds, dried fruit

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