Review: Brunch at Fabarnak, Toronto

Eating for charity is always a slur of words that makes my ears perk up and mouth widen. Fabarnak is a social enterprise initiative of The 519 Centre on Church Street. The restaurant re-invests its profits into 519 programs and services: working to provide training and meaningful employment opportunities for marginalized members of the community. And over 80% of their food is locally and sustainably produced! I asked the waitress what the name of the restaurant meant and she said it was a playful recreation of the Quebecois expletive “Tabarnak!” I obviously quickly fell in love with the place.

I visited the restaurant with my friend Brenda for brunch. We started with two foamy Illy Coffee Latte’s and shared a slice of Fennel Cake while our mains were being prepared in the kitchen.

We enjoyed:

Full Monty

egg dipped bread, peameal bacon, smashed potatoes, toast, house preserves

Yeast Leavened Pancakes

maple bourbon pears, peameal bacon, rosemary whipped cream 


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