Restaurant Bordoo in Tallinn

My first meal in Tallinn Estonia was at my hotel, The Three Sisters Relais and Chateaux at the spectacular Bordoo Restaurant. The Three Sisters is ranked as the most luxurious property in the country so it is fitting that their restaurant is offering up the countries most elevated dining experience as well. To achieve the ambitions of the restaurant, Bordoo is run by executive chef Tõnis Siigur, one of Estonian’s greatest culinary talents. On June 27th chef Tonis was awarded by Relais and Chateaux the Rising Chef Trophy 2013 prize!

The meal was full of surprises. I most enjoyed the amuse bouche which started off with a simple fried crisp of cheese which floated in the air by a wee clip followed by unusual fish skin popcorn. Dots with Smoke featured a few slathers for sampling sitting atop a rosemary smoked globe. The Nordic pancake and beef cigar also provided great entertainment at the table.

Entrees included a beautiful plate of tartar covered in little red dots of caviar, a succulent cod fillet and gamey plate which really showcased the beauty of elk tenderloin. A sweet brulee enjoyed with a glass of sauternes finished off a memorable evening.

I enjoyed:

Cheese crisp

Cottage cheese with fish skin popcorn and fresh cucumber

The Dots with smoke

Nordic pancake with mushroom

Beef cigar with sesame ash


Tarragon, smoked aubergine, black salsify, ash, bot sorrel, chili, olive oil

2008 Pinot Noir, Albert Bichot, Vielles Vignes, Bourgogne, France


Cauliflower, truffle, tomato,  buerre blanc

2007 Chardonnay, Albert Bichot, Vielles Vignes, Bourgogne, France


Wild garlic, beetroot blanket, wild berries, mushroom, foie gras, raspberry demi-glaze

2006 Rijoa, Castillo De Albai Reserva , Spain

Creme Brulee with apple toffee

2002 Chateau Les Justices, Sauternes, France

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