Kokkalo The Bone Restaurant in Santorini

I spent my afternoon marching through the cobblestone pathways of picturesque Oia and zoomed back to my suite on a scooter just in time to catch my final Santorini sunset. I hopped into a frothing hot tub on the terrace and sipped a glass of champagne as the colour wheel splashed across the horizon. I quickly blew a kiss at the crimson sun before running down the steps to ready myself for dinner. After primping and plucking I strapped on my boots and hopped on a scooter bound for Kokkalo The Bone Restaurant.

My final feast on the island would take place at a hip new restaurant which just opened this past April in time for the tourist season. The restaurant is located on the main road from Fira leading to Firostefani and offers a spectacular view of the vast blue of the Aegean archipelago and the island of Anafi. As I approach the dining room twinkles in the darkness. A handsome bartender shakes up a rainbow of cocktails while I step onto pretty Spanish mosaic tile floors.

The kitchen is helmed by one of the islands most celebrated culinary craftsmen, Chef Vassilis chirps “I envisage the future of this volcanic island based on a constructive collaboration between local producers and entrepreneurs catering for the needs of visitors.”

Santorini like many other islands in the Cyclades is known for shuttering its doors to tourists as soon as the warmth of the sun disappears over the late Fall and Winter. I was surprised (and delighted) to hear that the team at The Bone very much want to act as a local hot spot year round. Chef’s menu will evolve each season but will consistently offer his interpretations of both continental cuisine (think burgers, steaks, carbonara) and classic Greek dishes that locals love (think fava beans, vinsanto, fried meatballs).

The beverage list is a locavore dream featuring the “hip hoppy kick ass ale” from Santorini Brewing Company as well as a wild and wonderful list of the islands most celebrated wines. My favourite dishes of the evening truly showcased Chef’s homage to local producers and Santorini’s own unique culinary history.

The Santorinian Salad is the best way to start your meal and features sweet ripe tomatoes, sliced cucumber, fresh feta and crunchy rusk. Fava is the islands most storied food staple and appears on the table as a puree topped with fatty smoked pork sirloin, sautéed mushrooms and sweet vinsanto. While the thinly sliced Tagliata Steak was perfectly cooked to my own shock it was the Pork Back Ribs that truly stole my heart. I quickly latched on to a crispy rib, its meat falling off the bone before arriving at my mouth. While sipping a strawberry adorned fizzy cocktail I licked my lips and silently said goodbye to Santorini. Life feels good in paradise.

The Feast:

Santorini Brewing Company

yellow + red donkey

Santorinian Salad

Fava with Louza

mykonian pork louza, mushrooms, vinsanto

Old Style Fried Meatballs

fried poatoes, grated gruyere

Tagliata Steak

pumpkin puree, fries

Pork Back Ribs

grape glaze


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