Boehmer Restaurant on Ossington in Toronto

I couldn’t remember the last time I visited Toronto’s darling Ossington. “Ossy” is one of Toronto’s much loved revitalized neighbourhoods which has transformed over the years: a Portuguese enclave to Vietnamese Pho and karaoke bar strip. Today it is home to some of the cities finest restaurants, bars, vintage shops and art galleries. Some of my favourite eats on Ossington are The Golden Turtle, Pizzaria Libretto, and Foxley.

Boehmer has been on my to do list since it opened. Funny how certain restaurants can be on a food writers radar for ages and it takes two years to actually step into the front door. I was joined at the table by my old friend Erin Stern. I hadn’t seen her in ages as she had spent the last three years working in South Africa. We were seated at 7pm on a beautiful sunny summer Saturday evening.

While Erin pursued the Ossington restaurant’s menu I sneaked about the dining room to take pictures of their funky lounge, long bar top and the brilliant chandelier that hovers over the space. I had been instructed by other food writers to order a few cocktails. The bartender at Boehmer really is a from scratch bar chef with a long list worth adventuring through. Meal highlights included creamy lobster mac and cheese and foie gras paired with maple and apple.

Unfortunately there were a few disappointments. The vibe transformed from intimate fine dining to raging bar by 8:30pm. We suffered through outrageously loud music throughout most of our dinner. I found myself screaming across the table and wondering if they were in some sort of competition with Parts and Labour for Toronto’s most annoying rock rage fine dining experience.

That afternoon, before heading out the door I had taken a look at the restaurants menu online and was most looking forward to showcasing their Harvest Platter. I felt so let down when I was advised when I arrived (at 7pm mind you) that the kitchen was all out of house made terrine and sausage.

While Boehmer offers an inspirational space and inventive bar I’d be hard pressed to return for a relaxing meal in fear that music would be blaring through my ears and the kitchen would be void of Saturday’s most sought after essentials.

We sampled:

Confit Cocktail

confit of grapefruit, rosemary and maple brandy, grand marnier, lime, angostina bitter sugar

Ossington Cup

cucumber, pimms, gin, lavender syrup, lemon, ginger ale

House Baked Fresh Bread

whipped butter

Baby Beet Salad

arugula, goat cheese, baco noir balsamic vinaigrette

Pan Seared Quebec Foie Gras

apple brioche, maple glazed matzu apples

Pork Tenderloin

cauliflower apple puree, heirloom carrots, brussel sprouts, molen foie gras jus, chives

Lobster Mac and Cheese

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