Review: Ajisen Ramen, Toronto

Ajisen Ramen is located on Spadina just north of Dundas in Toronto’s bustling China Town. This Japanese Ramen Restaurant originated in Kumamoto Japan and has over 120 stores outside of Japan (however there are over 150 stores in Japan alone and 360 stores in China)!

The Toronto location features a statue on the sidewalk of a cute little Japanese anime girl holding a big bowl of ramen noodle soup. Once inside the chirpy servers immediately seat you and plop hot green tea and a menu at your table. The interior is decked out in bright pink chairs and table tops. We were the only non-asians in the restaurant (a sign of authenticity and good things to come). While flipping through the colourful menu I stared up at the massive mural of two massively fat sumo wrestlers and smiled. The meal was delicious with some seriously speedy service!

We enjoyed:

Coconut Bubble Tea

Agadashi Tofu


Assorted curry vegetable ramen

Curry pork cutlet ramen

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