Poklisar Restaurant in Dubrovnik

I tip toed along the polished limestone cobbled streets of Dubrovnik’s ancient Old Town just as the sun began to set across the horizon. After zig-zagging through the medieval city’s awesome alleyways I passed through a stone archway and strolled to the edge of Old Harbour pier to soak up a stunning scene. A splash of pink soared across the surrounding hillside while a gaggle of sailboats gently bobbed in the early evening breeze.

Overlooking the marina sits a stately stone building which plays home to the wildly popular Poklisar Restaurant. During the day Poklisar’s two patios spill onto the street offering tan fans a perfect spot to soak in the sun over freshly grilled seafood and flutes of sparkling champagne. In the evening a cool calm fills the restaurants interior as chandeliers glow and live jazz trio croon under full moon.

After enjoying an elegant champagne splashed reception at the Sponza Palace we had been divided into smaller groups to enjoy Insight Vacations signature Dine Around experience. I was happy to be hosted that evening by the company’s CEO John Boulding who after ordering a few bottles of wine for the table explained why the Dine Around experience was so special for guests, “the majority of meals on an Insight Vacations itinerary include restaurant experiences where the whole group can dine as a team which offers a great opportunity to bond with your fellow travel companions. We offer Dine Around experiences in key urban culinary destinations so that the larger group can split up and enjoy a more intimate feast at one of the city’s top restaurants.”

If Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas and John Malkovich wine and dine friends and family here I suppose we’ve found a glass slipper that fits. While wagging my finger down the menu I can’t help but appreciate the ambiance: rich burgundy drapes, exposed stone walls, framed vintage photographs of the harbour and the twinkle of vintage chandelier.

Poklisar’s menu offers typical Croatian fare which most often pays homage to its Italian neighbours. The bounty of the Adriatic is celebrated via steaming bowl of mussels, salty marinated anchovies and skewered local shrimp which arrive lazing over a creamy bowl of blue cheese adorned risotto. I nibble on a neighbours beef carpaccio covered in shards of nutty parmesan and peppery arugula before digging into a slice of spicy Pizza Piccante covered in stringy mozzarella, boiled ham, crispy bacon and hot peppers.

After devouring our savouries we opted for a change in scenery, wadding out to the patio and wrapping ourselves in warm blankets while maestro Braco tickled the keys of his piano. I spotted a cats shadow snaking along the city’s famous medieval wall as we sipped wee glasses of espresso and scooped through plates of creamy creme caramel and a decadent chocolate walnut cake covered in vanilla ice cream.

The Feast:

Mussels with White Wine, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Aromatic Herbs

Marinated Anchovies on Arugula Leaves

Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan and Arugula

Skewered Adriatic Shrimp with Blue Cheese Risotto

Pizza Piccante with boiled ham, bacon and hot peppers

Creme Caramel

Grandma’s Cake with Walnut and Vanilla Ice Cream

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