Le Noble Brie From Quebec


I first sampled Le Noble during a tasting for the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix where it was awarded top prize under the Soft Cheese with Bloomy Rind Category. This ooey gooey brie is produced by Fromagerie Doamine Feodal Inc in Lanaudiere Quebec.

Le Noble is created using pasteurized cow’s milk. It’s soft bloomy rind smells of fresh mushrooms, attributes we look for in a classic brie. The cheese has a flexible and homogeneous paste with hints of sweet butter and almond. Beware the beast oozes, which is a good thing. It’s rather sexy to watch as it crawls across your plate.

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  1. Found this at Loblaws. Didn’t recognize the name, and it was not marked as a Brie, but looked like a Brie with the bloomy rind.
    What an absolute delight this turned out to be!!! Creamy, smooth, and absolutely delicious. Goodbye President’s Choice and all the othere Bries. Le Noble Brie is the BEST!