Doma Korean Restaurant in Toronto

In the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood sits Doma, a French inspired Korean restaurant which has made its home in the space that was once Acadia.

The Korean/French culinary mashup is a first-time endeavour for owner/chef Paul Kim who originally hails from the kimchi and kalbi scented streets of Seoul. He found inspiration while studying at Le Cordon Bleu and has created a unique menu that showcases authentic Korean flavours, locally sourced ingredients and an elevated French presentation.

The restaurants minimalist interior was designed by Kim’s girlfriend Jenna Lee, who has decorated the intimate space with simple black and white contrasts, caramel-coloured wood, and warm overhead lighting. You’ll likely find yourself coveting the cutlery.

The menu changes each month (first Tuesday of each month) – celebrating two to three popular dishes from the previous month as well as new selections dreamed up by Chef Kim. Highlights from the kitchen include soft tofu steak topped Gochujang Ratatouille, a seafood lovers mandoo, kalbi patties paired with granny smith apples and pickled radish, finger-licking-good Spicy Sticky Pork Ribs and a sweet finish featuring Mugwort and Red Bean.

Similar to Kim’s dishes, the specially designed cocktail menu incorporates Korean ingredients such as soju, perilla leaf, sesame orgeat, asian pear and yuzu which are best enjoyed at sunset on the restaurant’s pretty patio.

The Antidote | johnnie walker red label scotch, yuzu, ginger, honey-yuzu marmalade

In Harmony | campari, grapefruit, lime, sesame orgeat, toasted rosemary

Vichyssoise | green onion oil, potato chip

Gochujang Ratatouille | roasted red pepper, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, tofu steak, gochujang

Uhsun Mandoo | daily fish, bay scallop, prawn, onion puree, pea, soy chili beurre blanc, grilled treviso

Kalbi | beef, doenjang aioli, grilled green onion, pickled radish, granny smith apple

Spicy Sticky Pork Ribs | pork ribs, sweet and spicy gochujang glaze, bok choy, rapini, sweet potato, tteokbokki

Mugwort and Red Bean | korean red bean custard, mugwort ice cream, red bean sponge cake, honey comb

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