Fat Pasha Jewish Restaurant in Toronto

If Dupont Street had a “restaurant passport” where foodies could stamp out the neighbourhoods best eats I think I might have just yelled Bingo! Happy to say I’ve finally chowed down at each of Chef Anthony Rose’s culinary concepts, with a final celebratory cheer echoing inside an eatery that celebrates homecooked food by Bubby served up hot at Fat Pasha.

I first encountered Anthony’s food at Big Crow, a BBQ-tastic backyard eatery which pays homage to Algonquin camping trips. My 2nd strike was at petite Rose and Sons (located out front) which serves up some of the city’s finest gourmet greasy spoon eats (leave your calorie counter at home). Bar Begonia offers the most refined atmosphere of the bunch where brunch lovers tip toe into a cosy dinning room on weekends in search of craft cocktails and steak tartare inspired by Paris-meets-Brookyln.


At Fat Pasha Chef Anthony Rose has created yet another cosy neighbourhood joint where crispy falafel, creamy hummus and lemon spritzed latkes force schmaltz fans to giggle with glee. The cocktail game is strong so if you’re feasting with a mixology maven be sure to hop up at the petite bar to watch things shake up.

Be sure to brush up on your Yiddish before reading through the packed one page menu as Rose’s epic portions of classic Jewish fare require a bit of deciphering. His menu blends Israeli and Sephardic cuisines featuring street foods like mezze spreads, fresh salads, mixed grill options as well as Shabbat-worthy fare like steaming whole grilled fish or crunchy schmaltz latkes the size of a hockey puck.


Goddess of Excellence | havana club anejo, pisco, lime, burnt orange syrup, cardamom, cinnamon, orange blossom water


Falafel | tahini, lemon, pickles


Salatim | labneh with garlic and za’atar, garlic fried tomatoes, chopped eggplant and tahina


Schmaltz Latkas | duck fat fried, beet root gravlax, whitefish salad, sour cream, pickled onion, chive


Turkey Shawarma | lamb schmaltz, tahini pumpkin mash, olive tapenade

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