Cheese: Parrano Uniekaas

This Dutch, aged cows milk cheese has the alluring, nutty flavour of a fine aged Parmesan with the versatility of a young Gouda. Parrano, an aged Gouda-style Dutch cheese, was created about 12 years ago,  by UnieKaas, which is the largest Dutch cheese company.  It is made in Holland, from pasteurized Dutch cow’s milk. I was lucky enough to come across this cheese at the fantastic Cheese Department in the Oakville Whole Foods. Steven Margarites, who markets the cheese in the United States says Parrano is made with “the same cultures used in Parmesan.”  Even though it has a slightly sweet impression on your palate, it contains no measurable sugar. We get this slightly sweet sensation from the result of the breakdown of the proteins and fats as the cheese matures.


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