Cheese: Le Riopelle de I’Isle

Riopelle de I’Isle is a soft cheese made of fresh milk and cream. from Quebec, Canada The Riopelle reveals a creamy and incredibly smooth centre beneath a thin, bloomy rind. Leaving a profound hint of butter, mushrooms and hazelnuts that enchant the pallet. The Riopelle is named after the world renowned painter Jean-Paul Riopelle, who agreed to lend his name ot the cheese as well as one of his masterpieces which adorns the label. Jean-Paul Riopelle’s art was influenced by the beauty of the island as were the cheese makers who have brought us this perfectly executed triple cream.

This Artisanal Cheese is made of non-pasteurized milk and is ripened for 60 days. It should first be tasted on the tongue unadorned by preserves or fancy jelly. Simply rub the paste of the brie against the roof of your mouth and allow the warmth of your tongue to release the intensity of the butter fat. The cheese is also well matched with crisp apples, warm crispy baguette and cocktail onions.

Another favourite cheese worth trying if you are new to the class of Triple Cream Brie’s is St. Andre.


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