Cheese: Lankaaster Gouda Traditionnel

The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, organized by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, is the most prestigious cheese competition in Canada. Held every two years, it showcases the outstanding quality, variety, taste and versatility of Canadian cheese made from 100% Canadian cows milk. In 2011 a total of 203 entries from across Canada.

Most of us grew up pronouncing its name “Goo-dah” and consuming large quantities of supermarket-bought, mild, semi-hard cheese that came encased in the familiar red wax. Well, the correct pronunciation is quite different, “How-dah” and the genuine artisanal variety is a legitimate delicacy, a far cry from the manifestation you may remember. If you like a firm, dense, crystalline, almost crumbly cheese with deep, mouthwatering flavours and a lingering aftertaste, this is the one for you.

Lankaaster is a hard cheese with slight slits in its texture, produced in Lancaster, Ontario by Glengarry Fine Cheese. The cheese is shaped as a loaf to express the fact that it is meant to be sliced and eaten directly on bread as the Dutch farmers do. It has a unique profile that is given by specific starter culture that is used and makes it typical of cheeses made on Dutch farms years ago. Packed in wedges, vacuum-sealed and aged two to four months.

This stellar cheese was winner at The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix under the category Semi-soft Cheese.


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