Cheese: Beaufort

Famous since Roman times, Beaufort is one of the noble cheeses of the French Alps. It is frequently referred to as the Prince of Gruyeres, a term appled by hte great gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. The best Beauforts are arrestingly satisfying – that is, they give you all you need or desire when hungry. Beaufort’s curds are cooked, but they’re not subject to as much heat as other classic Gruyere-type cheeses. So the cheese is solid but retains its melt-in-the-mouth character and avoids the firmer consistency and “cooked” flavours of its Gruyere cousins. Beaufort features a fairly dense, concentrated, buttery consistency, a fruity aroma, and rich, nutty flavours with a hint of sweetness. As the cheese ages, it takes on a pronounced, delicious flavour of spoiled milk that most people find mouthwatering if not utterly irresistable. The best Beauforts are aged over a year and a half, yet they have no fissures, blemishes, or holes.

Beaufort is made of raw cow’s milk and is produced in Haute-Savoie, in the mountains of east-central France, south of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.


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