Brunch at Bubby’s Restaurant in New York City

I love jew food and there’s no better spot in the heart of Manhattan to devour delish delights than at Bubby’s in Tribeca. The name means “grandma” in Yiddish, but to celebs, punksters and stroller-pushers who wait all morning for a table, it means brunch.


The sun-blasted restaurant, originally a pie kitchen, has morphed into an all-day gourmet picnic. Hop up on wooden stools at the vintage vibe bar for a sweet sip before skipping into the bright dinning room where any table offers a perfect perch for people watching.


The menu reads like a tapestry of Americana cuisine featuring cheddar grits, smoked salmon bagel, lobster roll, fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, cobb salad and plenty of pie. I spent a few minutes perusing the menu while sipping a classic Moscow Mule and was delighted by all the fun facts splashed across the page.


675, 000 cups of coffee are served each year, 45,000 eggs are served each week, 85,000 Bubby’s burgers are sold each year, it takes 17 hours to smoke the restaurants signature brisket, 68,000 apples are used each year for their housemade pie and a staggering 15,000 pounds of jam are made in house each year (best slathered on their signature butter biscuits).


During my lickety-split visit I ordered the restaurants most iconic dish, the Fried Chicken Supper, which arrives on a massive platter featuring perfectly crispy Sullivan Country Farm Chicken, two flaky biscuits, creamy coleslaw and a dab of cultured butter and ramequin teaming with sweet grape jelly.

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