Restaurant Vue at Hotel Bellevue Palace in Bern

In 1848, Switzerland’s federal parliament chose Bern as the capital of the nation and since 1913 the city’s grandest hotel, Bellevue Palace, has acted as the luxurious living room for Switzerland’s top politicians and visiting VIPs.

Located on a terrace above the rolling River Aare, the Bellevue Palace offers some of the city’s finest views of the distant Bernese Alps. Together with the adjacent buildings of the Bundeshaus, the hotel forms an imposing architectural ensemble on the southern edge of Bern’s picturesque old town.

Over the past century, the property has played host to a long list of VIP guests, ranging from monarchy and ministers to musicians and movie stars. Emperor Akihito of Japan, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and Johnny Cash – are just a few of the bold faced names who have passed through the hotel’s distinguished doors.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to an evening of culinary curiosities begin your adventure at the legendary Bellevue Bar, a renowned meeting point in Bern for politicians, diplomats, executives, media and moviemakers. Step inside the intimate space and you’ll find an oversized sculpture which sits perched over the bar – you might recognize her from the tip of your Rolls Royce! Hop up on a stool and enjoy a classic cocktail before sauntering down the stairs to dinner.

The hotel’s signature restaurant Vue offers pleasures for the palate which pair perfectly with its elegant interior. The romantic, dimly lit space features fine wood panelling, an impressive vaulted ceiling, glowing crystal chandeliers and silver ice buckets filled with ready-to-pop champagne.

Chef Gregor Zimmermann offers seasonally inspired menus with a neo-artisanal inspiration – classic yet modern, influenced by the French brasserie kitchen. Restaurant Vue’s impeccable service and stellar list of locally produced Swiss wines help create unforgettable memories for foodies looking to indulge in a celebratory feast.

Highlights from Chef Zimmermann’s creative kitchen include Bresse-Chicken Rillettes as Terrine, the elegant Shrimp Cocktail Calypso, a petite menu dedicated to celebrating eggs in the evening, a decadent lobster and burrata adorned pizza, the deconstructed Bern burger, and sweet finish featuring caramelized peanut ganache with calamondin.

Bresse-Chicken Rillettes as Terrine

Shrimp Cocktail Calypso

Egg Benedictine with Hollandaise and Black Truffle

Lobster Pizza with Burrata and San Marzano Tomatoes

Schnitz and Drunder | traditional Argovian dish with dried pears, fried potatoes and bacon

Bern Burger | grilled tartar beefsteak, truffle mayo, cheese

Caramelized Peanut Ganache with Sweet Calamondin

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