A Fine French Feast at Le Select Bistro in Toronto

Chef Albert Ponzo has created a French café and bistro in the heart of downtown Toronto that is so cozy and authentic it is easy to get lost in conversation with your dining companions and forget that you are still on Canadian soil.

On my first visit to Le Select I was pleased to see a traditional French façade and pretty patio space. The front of the restaurant features a classic cocktail bar (think Manet’s Bar at the Folies) that overlooks a warm and cozy café space. With free WIFI here its the perfect spot to work away on your Macbook while sipping espresso and crunching through flaky croissant.

All of the staff at this King West restaurant are bilingual speaking both French and English. The requirement certainly adds to the ambiance as I could hear French chitter chatter throughout my meal as a couple of Quebecois women giggled over a piping hot plate of Cassoulet.

Highlights from my French feast at Le Select include squash and sage muddled Risotto a la Courge, pork and mushroom topped Joue de Beef Bourguignon, crispy Confit de Canard, braised cabbage and ham hock Choucroute and hazelnut praline adorned Chocolate Mousse.


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