Yen Chinese Restaurant at W Taipei

Located in the buzzing central business district of Xinyi – which is for Taipei what Manhattan is to New York City – W Taipei is an electrifying sanctuary of serenity and energy in the heart of the Taiwanese capital.

W Taipei is a haven of playful luxury, where serenity meets energy and is the venue of choice for discerning and style-conscious trendsetters who want to be wowed by the finer things in life – particularly those inspired by W brand’s unique mix of contemporary cool design, modern comfort, and innovative style. Without a doubt, it is the place to see and be seen in the Taiwanese capital.

Whisk your way up to the 31st floor and you’ll find YEN, W Taipei’s signature Cantonese restaurant and the first W-inspired Chinese restaurant in the world. The restaurant is chic as all can be featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the pulsating Xinyi district and the ubiquitous neon current that unifies the city, extending to the natural mountain ranges that surround Taipei.

YEN showcases bold, original art pieces that incorporate traditional Chinese culinary tools of the trade. One oversized wall installation features hundreds of metal serving spoons arranged into geometric circles. The seating area is arranged in cloud formations of sweeping sofas surrounded by 5 meter high screens of stretched bungee rope. The unusual screens mimic Chinese bird cages and echo in the clusters of “wire” lanterns that hang over the stepped groups of highly polished steel tables.

Highlights from our fine Cantonese feast include Golden Roast Chicken dipped in addictive ginger scallion oil, well marbled M9 Wok Fried Australian Wagyu Beef adorned with shiromaitake mushrooms, a simply Stuffed Tomato with ginkgo, Taiwanese classic Beef Noodle Soup soft n’ sweet Custard Bun filled with oozing Egg Yolk.

Cantonese Style Golden Roast Chicken | ginger scallion oil

M9 Wok Fried Australian Wagyu Beef | shiromaitake mushroom, japanese green pepper

Stuffed Tomato | ginkgo, black fungus

Beef Noodle Soup

Custard Bun with Egg Yolk

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