Taipei Marriott Hotel’s Dining Place Restaurant

Having recently opened its doors in September 2015, Taipei Marriott Hotel is one of the newest editions to the city’s crop of luxury properties. It’s located just north of the Keelung River in Taipei’s Dazhi District.

If you’re keen to indulge in a fine feast with a flare for a local taste of place book yourself into a posh private room at the hotel’s signature restaurant, The Dining Place. Chef Kao’s menu features classic Cantonese dishes with Sichuan fusion served in a luxurious and elegant space.

Upon arrival I’m whisked down the restaurants chic hallway which glows of gold. I’m soon seated in a petite meets posh dining room featuring a three chairs tucked into a simple circular table, a door (which leads to a private bathroom, perfect for when you need a break during your marathon meal) as well as a sliding door, which my smiling server quietly tip toed through to deliver a parade of steaming plates.

The Dining Place recently had the honour of hosting the 14th Presidential Inaugural State Dinner of Taiwan and Chef Kao pulled out all the stops, crafting a memorable meal which uniquely celebrated the producers, farmers and flavours of the island. Highlights from the posh affair include wild ailanthus prickly ash from Yunlin, cloud ear fungus from Chiayi County, Black-feathered chicken from Miaoli and honey peaches from Kaohsiung.

During my own three hour feast I sipped freshly squeezed tangerine juice and a local oolong tea grown in Taipei’s surrounding hills. Highlights from the savoury side of things included a classic Hong Kong-style BBQ platter (roasted duck, boiled chicken, honey glazed pork), a picture perfect bowl of Tofu Blossom Chicken Soup, spicy Deep-Fried King Prawn and comforting bowl of fried Hakka Rice Noodles.

Cold Cut Platter | roasted duck, boiled chicken with scallion oil, honey-glazed pork

Tofu Blossom Chicken Soup

Deep-Fried King Prawn with Chili Sauce

Deep-Fried Pork Spare Rib with Salt and Pepper

Sauteed Spinach with Salty Egg and Cured Egg

Hakka Rice Noodle

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