Seoul Shakers: Korean Snack Bar in Bloordale

Seoul Shakers is the newest Korean inspired joint by celebrated Toronto restauranteur Leemo Han (Pinky’s Ca Phe, Hanmoto). The trendy new restaurant is a short stroll from Landsdowne Station, in the heart of Toronto’s Bloordale Village. Located in what was once the Holy Oak Cafe, Seoul Shakers’ exterior is unassuming and covered in graffiti.

Step inside Seoul Shakers and you’ll find a vintage Wurlitzer Americana II jukebox, which sets the mood for the restaurants nostalgic interior. The front entrance nook also features an intimate banquette decorated overhead by a curtain of beads. Take a closer look and you’ll find bookshelves that play home to potted plants, a parade of Russian dolls, and vintage Coca Cola sign which reads “Respect the Wurli.”

The bar at Seoul Shakers in Toronto
The bar at Seoul Shakers in Toronto

Seoul Shakers is divided into two distinct spaces. You’ll find stool seating across from the bar and a more intimate dining room in the back which overlooks the kitchen. Han’s signature mood can be found here too, a wash of red lighting and bright yellow neon. The space was totally gutted and features plenty of wood detailing, custom arches, and a salvaged bartop sourced from an old spot in Hamilton. With all the antiques on display, you very much feel like you’ve stepped into an old timey bar on Route 66.

The Mak Shake cocktail at Seoul Shakers
The Mak Shake cocktail at Seoul Shakers

Seoul Shakers Bar

If you’re keen on a thirst quench wag your finger down the restaurant’s short but sweet drink menu. You’ll find a selection of brews, wine and cider but its the craft cocktails that deserve your attention. You’ll find classics such as negroni, old fashioned, whiskey sour, and tequlia sunrise, but it’s Seoul Shakers’ signature sippers that are worth sampling through.

  • The Belmont Rouge: dillon’s cassis, campari, pisco, lemon, graperuit, eggwhite
  • Fino Berry: dillon’s 22 gin, tio pepe, lemon pommegranate, cucumber bitters
  • Golden Hour: monkey’s shoulder, havana club 7, bigallet china, pineapple syrup
  • Mak Shake: korean rice wine, wild turkey bourbon, lime, orgeat, cinnamon, soda
  • Paradise Valley: rose hip hibiscus infused viritus vodka, lemon, blueberry mint syrup, lemon, soda
  • Makgeoli: korean rice wine, lime, dillon’s peach schnapps, tequila

Seoul Shakers Menu

This time around Executive Chef Leemo Han and Chef de Cuisine Jason Poon (Beast Restaurant) have crafted a Korean and South American mashup menu. Korean kalbi can be found stuffed in empanadas and paired with pico de gallo. While fresh oysters and pineapple topped al pastor tacos are complimented by gochujang. If you’re dining for two we suggest sharing four to five dishes at the table.

Kimchi Pear Wedge Salad at Seoul Shakers
Kimchi Pear Wedge Salad at Seoul Shakers

Seoul Shakers Appetizers

  • Oysters: gochujang cocktail sauce, pico de gallo
  • Mongo Squid Yukkae: beef tartar sliced mongo squid, korean pear, egg yolk
  • Crudite: cucumber, breakfast raddish, shishito peppers, leeks, trio of sauces
  • Green Salad: red leaf lettuce, scallions, perilla leaf, green sauce, cojita
  • Kimchi Pear Wedge Salad: fermented korean pear, stilton, ginger onion dressing, roasted brown rice, pickled chilis, iceberg lettuce
  • Hwe Dup Bap: albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp, mongo squid, ikura, red chili pepper house sauce
  • Chips and Dip: bag of potato chips, mentaiko creme fraiche dip, nori powder, chives
  • Eggplant Kangpungi: fried eggplant, spicy sweet soy glaze, bell peppers, scallions, chili oil
  • Corn Cheese: roasted kimchi, mozzarella, gochujang chorizo, cilantro, salsa roja, pico de gallo, corn tortilla chips
  • Phat Fries: thick cut fries, gochujang tomato sauce, garlic mayo, roasted kimchi, lemon, parsley
  • Remy’s Mash: mashed potatoes, spicy tomato and eggplant romesco, roasted kimchi, fried egg
Corn Cheese Served with Tortilla Chips at Seoul Shakers
Corn Cheese Served with Tortilla Chips at Seoul Shakers

Seoul Shakers Small Plates

  • SS Wings: 3 pcs, onion battered chicken wings, thai chili garlic soy glaze, beet pickled radish
  • Tempura Salt Cod: namban sauce, green sauce, tartar sauce, lime
  • Kalbi Empanada: kalbi marinated ground short rib, hard boiled egg, pico de gallo, green sauce
  • Roast Kimchi Chopped Cheese: chopped ground beef patty, roasted kimchi, pickles, sauce, lettuce, onions, yellow cheese
  • SS Trompo Tacos: gochujang al pastor marinated pork neck, onions, cilantro, pineapple, corn tortillas
Our fave Seoul Shakers dish, Roast Kimchi Chopped Cheese sliders with pickled pepper.
Our fave Seoul Shakers dish, Roast Kimchi Chopped Cheese sliders with pickled pepper.

Seoul Shakers Entrees

  • Cornish Hen and Rice: cast-iron roasted hen, samgaetang jook (korean sweet rice porridge)
  • Pork Belly Steak Ssam: thick cut pork belly, beet pickled daikon, red leaf lettuce, house made kimchi
  • Steak and Potatoes: Argentinean parrila beef rib, potatoes with gochujang tomato sauce, shishito peppers, saamjang
Seoul Shakers Trompo Tacos served with duo of salsa and warm tortilla.
Seoul Shakers Trompo Tacos served with duo of salsa and warm tortilla.

Seoul Shakers Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday 6pm-2am

Seoul Shakers Contact

1241 Bloor Street West, No Reservations

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