Kasa Moto Japanse Restaurant in Yorkville

Located a stones throw from Yorkville’s star-studded Hazelton Hotel, Kasa Moto is a sprawling two-story contemporary Japanese restaurant and lounge which opened in Toronto’s poshest neighbourhood in the Spring of 2015.

The Yorkville restaurant is brought to you by Chase Hospitality Group, known for their parade of successes including French inspired Colette Grand Cafe in the Thompson Hotel, seafood lovers The Chase, and vegetarians delight Planta.

The restaurant groups pedigree for producing pretty spaces to sip and nibble rings true for Kasa Moto, a 410-seat restaurant housed in the former Remy’s space featuring artistic works that pay homage to Japan such as a bright bloom of cherry blossoms and gorgeous geisha portrait duo. When the weather is warm Toronto’s fashion-forward foodies can be seen on the restaurant’s coveted rooftop terrace sipping sake spiked cocktails.

Kasa Moto’s lengthy menu from Montreal’s Chef Antonio Park is organized into hot plates, rice and noodles, robata, sushi and larger entree selections such as wagyu steaks and whole grilled fish.

With a menu bursting with options, and servers that encourage sharing at the table, Kasa Moto a perfect spot to battle your chopstick skills with a group of hungry friends. Highlights include petite Lobster Gyoza Tacos, Spicy Salmon Tartare with Crispy Rice, Shrimp Tempura Maki, Wagyu Beef Steamed Buns, Maple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes topped with sour cream and jalapeno, and a crunchy ginger and nut muddled Asian slaw.

Lobster Gyoza Tacos | wasabi, radish slaw, lemon chili dressing

Spicy Salmon Tartare & Crispy Rice | shallot, scallion, unagi sauce

Soft Shell Crab Maki | avocado, tobiko, soy glaze and wasabi sour cream

Shrimp Tempura Maki | baby romaine, cucumber, avocado, tobiko and soy glaze

Wagyu Beef Steamed Buns | ontario cheddar, tomatoes, teriyaki

Maple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes | sour cream, jalapeno, almonds

Asian Slaw | mixed nuts, ginger vinaigrette

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