Fuwa Fuwa: A Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancake Brunch

If you’re a Toronto brunch fan looking for a new spot to line up this weekend head to Bloor and Brunswick and sample a stack of fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes at Fuwa Fuwa. The trendy, soft-as-a-cloud pancakes originated in Osaka and are traditionally served in Japan as a wedding dessert.

The Japanese love their culinary symbolism. During my recent visit I learned that soufflé pancakes are given their distinct airy texture by separating yolk from white, whipping the whites into a meringue until they are soft as a pillow and then reincorporating. It’s clear that the chef’s sublime “marriage of yolk and white,” has found its destiny (in many of Toronto’s breakfast bellies).

Fuwa Fuwa translates to “fluffy fluffy,” and since air is the star of the show, expect to wait as long as 20 minutes for your order as both the batter and each pancake are made fresh to order.

The ideal time to visit Fuwa Fuwa is in the evening, after the crowds die down. I suggest visiting with a group of foodie friends and ordering every dish on the menu. As the parade of pancake’s fly through the dining room you’ll have an opportunity to taste each of the chef’s creations without feeling too full once you waddle out onto the street.

Start things off with a frothy cappuccino and match latte, then sip Fuwa Fuwa’s signature fruit-infused water to whet your whistle. Tiny jars of creme caramel are fun to spoon through while you’re waiting for your pretty pancakes to arrive. Highlights include the Fuwa Fuwa signature stack (classic pairing of banana, strawberry and blueberry), as well as creative creme brulee, cocoa dusted tiramisu, and a hat tip to Japan featuring sweet red bean and matcha cream. Ask your server about the secret menu, featuring whatever seasonal fruit the chef fancies. During my visit in July a massive plate was decorated with juicy Ontario peaches.

Fuwa Fuwa Signature | original pancake with strawberry, blueberry and banana

Creme Brulee Pancake | original pancake, creme brulee sauce, vanilla ice cream

Tiramisu Pancake | original pancake, tiramisu cream, coffee syrup

Pancake with Matcha Cream and Red Bean | original pancake, japanese red bean, kyoto matcha cream

Secret Menu | seasonal peach

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